Our TrimControl™ pack includes:

– 2 E-Telltales®.

– 1 receiver.

– Our Windows App.

Yes, it is. Up to 36 E-Telltales® can be displayed on the same receiver and software.

They offer many other advantages such as:

– Enhanced performance (continuous analysis of the sails trim).

– Ease of installation.

– Intuitive use.

The TrimControl™ system is also a safety equipment:
No need to take risks and venture on the deck in rough weather conditions or at night to check the telltales. Check the sail trims on a screen from the cockpit !

Yes! They were tested and approved on several sailing boats during the Vendée Globe.

Yes, an E-Telltale® mode is operational with the HR processor from NKE.

The bigger, the better. Generally speaking. the e-telltales® are very useful as soon as you can’t see them any longer because it is too dark or because they are hidden by another sail.

The sensor is useful on storm jibs and upwind sails (mainsail, staysail, jib). For the time being, we don’t advise to use it on spinnakers.

Being heavier than a classic ribbon, it will be truly efficient with an AWS > 8 knots.

Yes, of course. They have been designed accordingly.

Two e-Telltales® per sail are a minimum (starboard and port).

For long luffs, two pairs are recommended.

For one pair:

– Height: 30% of the luff (height of centre of effort).

– 2,3ft (70cm) aft from the luff. For two pairs:

– Height: 30% and 75% of the luff 2.3ft (70cm) aft from the luff.

Yes, at any time on the computer, touch pad or smartphone screen. No need to go on deck at night.

Yes, just glue them on the sail.

It will take a few minutes to install it on the sails.

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