The E-Telltale of the Future

The E-Telltale's Interest

Developed and improved for more than 15 years by Mer agitée, the E-Telltale® allow to make «electronic» the information normally only visual of the wool telltale. This system, developed, tested and proven by Michel DESJOYEAUX, has shown its efficiency and durability.

We wanted to develop a system that would allow access to sail trim information, day and night and in all weather conditions, with the objective of being able to analyze performance in real time

Its Use

For a sail to be efficient, the air must circulate freely on each side (i.e. top and bottom) of it with clean flows (laminar flows). The danger (and the brake) is the turbulences. Telltale, strands of wool glued on each side of the sail, help to materialize the flows

The Possibilities

Learn more about what our E-Telltale®️ will allow you to do once installed on your boat

The Technique

So we have «transformed» this visual data into electronic information in order to be able to have the status of the E-Telltale®️ on the screen of our tablets, Adrena, Sailmon multifunction displays, NKE displays and more… 

Data Sheet

Find here the technical data sheet of our E-Telltale®️.

Penon 3D montage partie technique

Our History

At Trimcontrol™, the E-Telltale® created with the help of Michel DESJOYEAUX is not new : in fact, many versions of the telltale have been tested and improved in order to offer the product in its most functional and adapted version

Labeling & Awards

Find here all the certifications and awards that the E-Telltale®️ from TrimControl has received since the beginning of its creation.

The TrimControl Documentation

Documentation TrimControl ePenon
Revue de presse TrimControl. Article et vidéos parlant du ePenon de Michel Desjoyeaux

The press talks about it

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Mockup TrimControl's app

The TrimControl App

Only (for now) compatible with Windows. Available with instructions for use

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