The Wind Turbine Telltale

Its Interest :

Developed and improved for more than 15 years by Mer agitée, the E-Telltale® allow to make «electronic» the information normally only visual of the wool telltale. This system, developed, tested and proven by Michel DESJOYEAUX, has shown its efficiency and durability. 

The E-Telltale® is a sensor that monitors in real time the state of the airflow (hooked/la minar or unhooked/turbulent) on an aerodynamic profile. It is a technology from offshore racing, which is very useful in the sailing merchant marine sector, the sport marine and in wind energy as well. Indeed, better tuning of the telltale allows you to optimize the performance of your wind turbine blade in order to take advantage of the wind’s potential.

Its Use :

Wind turbines (off-shore and on-shore) must make the most of the available wind to produce electricity. The adjustment of the angle of incidence of the blades makes it possible to optimize their outpu

The Technique :

With a small size (10 x 4 cm) and a weight of 65 g, the E-Telltale® is connected to an electronic system that will be able to interpret its movements at 360 degrees but also its elongation in order to refine the data.

Data Sheet :

Find here the technical data sheet of our E-Telltale.

History :

At TrimcontrolTM, the E-Telltale created with the help of Michel DESJOYEAUX is not new: indeed, many versions of the E-Telltale have been tested and then improved in order to be able to offer the product in its most efficient and best adapted version.

labelling & awards

Find here all the certifications and awards that the E-Telltale®️ from TrimControl has received since the beginning of its creation.

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